Salt at the World Archaeology Congress

Greetings from Kyoto where the findings of The Archaeology of Salt in Ireland project are being presented to the 8th World Archaeology Congress (WAC)!

The congress is being held at Doshisha University in the heart of historic Kyoto and an entire session is dedicated to global archaeologies of salt production. Archaeologists working in Austria, China, Chile, France, Japan, and Romania are presenting a wide range of papers dealing with regional archaeologies and ethnographies of salt-making, ceramics and artefacts associated with production and structural and environmental factors. This of course is just one of the many diverse sessions taking place over a week dealing with themes across the global discipline.


Doshisha University, Kyoto.


Imperial palace gate, Kyoto.

The paper being presented by our project will introduce the work and the background to salt studies in Ireland; and then deal predominantly with the excavation work as an exemplar of the changes taking place within the industry in the post-medieval period.

This visit to Japan is a great opportunity to meet other practitioners in the field and share knowledge as well as experiencing Japanese culture. Indeed our hosts tell us that as well as our salt they are also interested in our whiskey! Next week its back to normality – there is an Archaeology Ireland article in the pipeline, as well as a journal paper detailing the Ballycastle sites.

We are particularly grateful to Dr Takemune Kawashima of Yamaguchi University and the Association for Industrial Archaeology for supporting travel to this conference.

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