Big stones and sore bones…week 1

End of week 1 and time to catch our breath – site preparation was akin to a Siberian gulag this week (minus the snow thank God!) – in particular the small inconvenience of some wee stones that needed moved. These had evidently left the cliffs above some time ago, whether through mining or erosion activity and were well bedded into the ground we were hoping to excavate.

'We need to move what?!'

‘Go on Sandra, give it a shunt!’

Despite the cynics and naysayers (you know who you are…) it took a team of four with crowbars, picks, sledge hammers and sheer bloody-mindedness to ‘slim’ the offending boulders and then ‘accompany’ them to the beach.

Not paying me enough...

Not paying me enough…

Hammer time.

Hammer time.

We were joined by Sarah and Aoife from 360 Productions who are currently making ‘Digging for Ireland’ – a TV programme to be screened later in the year which features the dig. There will be material in the meantime appearing on their YouTube channel, and this includes our work at Ballyreagh. More links and information on the programme and the excavation anon. Finally, we also enjoyed the finest Irish weather August could muster and look forward to spending early next week with the remnants of Hurricane Bertha!

Rosemary, Sarah and Aoife sheltering under the tarp.

Rosemary, Sarah and Aoife sheltering under the tarp.

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